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Yes Yes Nanette

  • dancing through havana

    Dancing Through Havana

    Going to Havana had always been on the to do list, so when the restrictions on the U.S. embargo softened, Nanette decided to pack her bags and travel to the long-forbidden island nation of Cuba. Upon arrival, Nanette and her family were scooped up from the airport in a 1950’s era Chevrolet Bel-Air and brought on an invigorating ride to their hotel in the bustling city center of Havana. There, the Lepore’s were overwhelmed with vibrancy and culture, where they danced, drank daiquiris, and smoked Cuban cigars by the pool.

  • nanette's southeast asian adventure

    Nanette's Southeast Asian Adventure

    This spring, Nanette and her family embarked on an adventure to Southeastern Asia to visit her nephew, Jimmy. The trip began with an emersion into the chaotic surprises of Bangkok. The majesty of the golden Buddhas of the Bayon also provided inspiration. From Bangkok, they went to Vietnam, where they encountered brightly colored, intricately crafted temples and bustling streets. The final stop was to Cambodia. Exploring the massive buddhas of Ankor Wat surrounded by gnarly trees provided an unforgettable experience. It was not nearly enough time to explore, so another trip must be planned!

  • nanette’s guatemalan escape

    Nanette’s Guatemalan Escape

    On a quest for inspiration, Nanette and her family traveled to the Lake Atitlan region of Guatemala. Mesmerized by the vibrant prints and energetic textures, the local culture provided a refreshing respite from busy New York life. While there, the Lepore's sailed across the lake and shopped in centuries-old markets. Nanette’s father, an Abstract Expressionist painter, was captivated by the colorful livelihood of the country and has already begun planning the family’s return trip to Guatemala!

  • nanette’s daughter violet<br>takes the stage

    Nanette’s Daughter Violet
    Takes the Stage

    The birth of her daughter, Violet, spurred an incredible era of creative energy for Nanette Lepore. She staged her first runway show at Bryant Park and soon after opened shops in Soho and Tokyo all within the first few years of Violet’s life. And Violet’s been there with her along the way — walking out with her mom to take a bow at every Nanette Lepore runway show ever to take place. Today, Violet’s role in the brand is growing. She’s gone from a mother’s muse to the face of a brand. In Spring 2015, Violet closed the show with a cool panache well beyond her sixteen years. She followed it up with another stellar runway showing at our Fall 2015 event. And finally, this summer she staged her first photo shoot — channeling Irish suffragette rebel and writer, Maud Gonne for our Resort 2016 collection. In addition to becoming an icon in her own right, Violet’s effortless flair and youthful joie de vivre have lit the brand anew. Now, if she’ll only stop sending selfies to her friends and pay attention to her family at the dinner table, oh, imagine the places she’ll go.

  • nanette’s adventures in italy

    Nanette’s Adventures in Italy

    Nanette grew up in an Irish and Italian family that certainly knew how to party. Her father, Jim Lepore (Lay-poor-ray — now say it with your hands and an Italian accent) kept the stories and traditions alive from the old country. Now, Nanette travels back yearly to reconnect with her roots and seek inspiration. Though she’s constantly trekking to remote villages and tiny fishing towns, she always makes time to visit her favorite places time and time again. For Nanette, that’s the watery secret paths of Venice and the rustic cliffs of the Amalfi Coast, making a special stop at the family run restaurants Armandino’s and Da Adolfo. TEST!

  • welcome inside our new york city atelier

    Welcome Inside our New York City Atelier

    Nanette’s company originally began in a tiny shop in the East Village (1st street and 1st ave. to be exact). Soon after she started taking bigger and bigger orders, she hightailed it uptown to New York’s Garment Center and located her quickly growing company in a penthouse on 35th St. She remained loyal to the local neighborhood and eventually expanded to multiple floors in the building where she runs her showroom, production, and design studios. Her design studio operates like a proper European atelier. A full staff of highly skilled artisans craft the patterns, cut and sew the ideas into reality in house. Ideas are worked out in three dimensions and variations are the norm. The clothes that make it down the runway invariably are crafted right here in her one of a kind fashion workshop.

  • nanette's mood board

    Nanette's Mood Board

    Seductive faraway places, pops of colors, scrumptious food, and a carefree attitude. Welcome to the Nanette Lepore Pinterest. Prepare to re-pin on repeat everything from the latest maximalist interiors Nanette's digging to vintage Hollywood shots she's obsessed with. With Pinterest, as with life, Nanette's motto is simple: More is more. Whether you're seeking adventure in India or redecorating your family room, take a risk. It's always more fun.