Free standard shipping on all orders over $250 (U.S. only)
Free standard shipping on all orders over $250 (U.S. only)

Welcome Inside our
New York City Atelier

Aug 10 2015

Nanette’s company originally began in a tiny shop in the East Village (1st street and 1st ave. to be exact). Soon after she started taking bigger and bigger orders, she hightailed it uptown to New York’s Garment Center and located her quickly growing company in a penthouse on 35th St. She remained loyal to the local neighborhood and eventually expanded to multiple floors in the building where she runs her showroom, production, and design studios. Her design studio operates like a proper European atelier. A full staff of highly skilled artisans craft the patterns, cut and sew the ideas into reality in house. Ideas are worked out in three dimensions and variations are the norm. The clothes that make it down the runway invariably are crafted right here in her one of a kind fashion workshop.