We are committed to quality craftsmanship and we're excited to announce we're manufacturing some of our favorite shoe styles in LA.

1. Each shoe begins with a human touch

2. Focus on the heel — comfort where it matters most

3. Leather is best when stretched by hand

4. We source the highest quality leather so that your shoe is tough enough to keep pace with you

5. Adding details with expert precision

You already know we make most of our clothes in New York, and now we’re making shoes at the LaLaLand Factory in downtown Los Angeles.

“I’m so thrilled to manufacture in LA and to support the finely skilled craftsmen and women. Making it in America ensures that the fashion industry will continue to thrive in this country for years to come.”

There's a lot more that goes into making a shoe you might imagine. Did you know we have a machine dedicated just to painting the edges of the leather strips?

Our head pattern maker crafts a new unique prototype. But you'll have to wait until fall to see what he's building.

Intrigued? Just look for the "Made in Los Angeles" label