Winning Streak

I wore my lucky jacket just in case
So when the dealer dealt the cards
I knew I already had an Ace…

Ex-Lover Jacket
I’ll never place a bet without my lucky jacket

Dice Necklace
From my own vintage jewelry collection

Renzo Romagnoli Black Dollar Texas Poker Game Set
Play like a high roller… or just look like one
Barneys New York

Poker, Special Edition Book
Hone your technique with this ultimate guide to the game
Assouline Books

Les 4 Mondes Playing Cards
Up your ante with this classy deck

Dice Lollipops
Victory is sweeter with these
Sin City Suckers

These cozy shoes are a royal flush
Stubbs and Wootton

Vegas Mugs
Tame souvenirs from a wild weekend
Las Vegas Gift Shop

Shot Glasses
All bets are off when you toast with these
Las Vegas Gift Shop

Bluffing is easy with these phony funds
Abracadabra NYC

Baby Giraffe Chain Clutch
Your outfit’s wildcard, coming soon to

Dark Burgundy Bra
A sly sexy way to keep your cards close

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